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Review: Very first Spottybox ---- SCAM Business Beware!

LATEST UPDATE: 5/6/14: My bank resolved the dispute I lodged and have returned the unauthorised $39 that Spottybox took out of my bank account. I asked my bank if they were able to get in contact with Tanveer, they said no and the evidence I supplied was enough to get my money back. Hope everyone else gets their money back.
UPDATE:12/5/14: I wrote this blog with the intention Spottybox was a good company after receiving my first box but I would not recommend them now. I was charged $39 the following month after this box was received and received nothing. I tried to contact them and it has been three weeks with no response. The only information on their website is they have concluded operations and to send them an email, which I see no point in doing as they aren't responding either way.

I don't know how they think a business is run, but closing a business down is a big deal. They should have informed its customers on Facebook page and email that they were closing, instead of continuing to take our money to receive nothing. I would be very careful with this business, it does come across like a scam and I am not 100% sure it gives 20% of its profits to animal shelters either. 

I had to cancel my Visa card due to them continuing to take money out of my account and if you are in the same boat as I currently am, I would cancel your card as well for safety. I have reported a dispute with my bank and they are looking into it. I hope I get my money back and this business gets karma for the way it has taken advantage of innocent people.
My original blog:

I became interested in Pet Subscription Boxes after I found out they existed in Australia. I love the idea of my two adorable puppies; Maxie and Spencer receiving a surprise in the mail full of goodies. It then just came down to which 'Pet box Company' had the best monthly price. When I found a 50% off Spottybox, I knew it was destiny to give them a try.

I received the March box yesterday and will happily share with you my review for anyone who might be interested in wanting to give their dog a nice surprise. 

Unboxing and seeing the lovely wrapped tissue paper sealed with the Spottybox sticker:

The goodies for this month:

A closer look at the goodies in the box:

Puppy Pet Toy, Dental Chew Bones and Black Dog Lamb Bone:

Black Dog Chicken Crinkles 200g and Roo Crinkles 200g:

Pet Lint Roller and 2x Pet Lint Roller Refills:

Overall, I am happy with my box and the dogs love their food treats and pig-ball toy. I received a decent amount of items for the $20 I paid. We also had a fun time using the lint roller to remove all the dog fur off the rug and it did an amazing job at that! How long will it stay fur-free though? :-P The chicken and roo crinkles were big for my puppies, so I did have to break them in half to make them edible sizes. My dogs loved the treats! I couldn't give them the Lamb Bone to eat as they both currently have bones and I will wait til they finish it off.

Now let's see what my dogs think of their new toys:

Maxie loved playing with his toy:

Action shot of Spencer and his Dental Chew Bone:

I love that 20% of their profits are donated to supporting dog shelters throughout Australia. So the company isn't just doing this monthly box to earn money, they actually have kind hearts and want to support dog shelters.

With this monthly box, it is $40 per month but they do encourage you to purchase in 3 month or 6 month subscriptions to get lower prices. The 3 month subscription makes it go down to $35 per month and the 6 month subscription makes it $29 per month. It ends up coming down to personal preference, as some people might not need a box every month for their dog or not wanting to spend that much money per month.

If you have tried Spottybox or any other pet boxes, let me know your thoughts on them and if you would purchase them again.

Ps- Thanks for the great box Spottybox!

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